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3 Reasons

Why Dehradun is Ideal for Education

Dehradun, Uttarakhand’s capital, is located at the foothills of the beautiful Himalayas. The number of educational institutions that have sprouted up in the city is well-known. Aside from the calm and peaceful weather, the city has beautiful scenery that students enjoy. The calm atmosphere here is perfect for studying and complements the desire to learn. Students can study without a worry in this environment. After finishing school, students can continue their studies. In Dehradun, there are reputable colleges and educational institutes for higher education.

Benefits of international schools

International Schools

The meaning of an international School can be interpreted differently by different people. Apart from these, Wikipedia defines an International School as “a school that promotes international education, in an international environment, either by adopting a curriculum such as that of the International Baccalaureate, Edexcelor Cambridge International Examinations or by following a national curriculum different from that of the school’s country of residence.” (Read more about International School).

Boarding Schools

A day school is where the students attend their classes and study in the school and return to their home for everything else. They stay with their family and go to school only for studies. Whereas boarding schools are those where the students stay on campus in dormitories or resident houses (hostels). They only go home during vacations. They live under the care of hostel wardens. There are various added facilities provided by boarding schools that enhance students’ personality and boost their confidence to a different level.

Co-educational Schools

Co-education is a system of education where both girls and boys are studying in the same institution. While it is a more common system in day schools, boarding schools usually prefer a boy or all-girls educational system. This is because of the fact that they provide accommodation as well. But having a co-educational system is beneficial due to a number of reasons. Students cultivate respect for the opposite gender and overcome any prejudices against the opposite gender. Students tend to behave more decently in the presence of the opposite gender and it helps in building a stronger character.

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